BNC | Logo Design

“BNC” [Bihada Natural Complex] means beautiful skin in Japanese. BNC is a luxurious brand with international export activity. The brand is focused on producing nourishing cream and serum, using premium ingredients and based on medical research.
The client asked us to create a logo design which targets high-end buyers in East Asia, China and Singapore. The product is luxurious and the design needed to reflect its elegant and chic aspect.

We came up with this minimal, chic, elegant and bold design. We have chosen a soft and premium color combination which at the same time is modern and appealing to potential customers who are looking for premium products. The Serif typeface adds a touch of elegance, while the white color stands for the clear and refined aspect of the product. We have also used a brush-like shape in light purple color which completes and the design and makes it stand out. The brush is inspired by the way people put some cream on their face before they apply it on the skin, showing the purity of the product and how natural the cream touches the skin.

We have also created a mockup design with light pink background to highlight the natural beauty and elegance of the product.